Project Deliverables

  • Build and install a “Little Free Library” (LFL) at Jensen Park, Spring 2017
  • Establish official “Stewards” of the Public LFL for the purpose of providing on-going monitoring and maintenance of the LFL and become an integrated part of the global LFL program (
  • Engage the members of the Airdrie community to help fund-raise and donate building materials, help monitor the LFL, and build awareness and interest in the program through the following:
  • Register the LFL through the Little Free Library Organization to support the efforts of the program in encouraging community building and literacy (
  • Act as a mentor and advisor for other community members already having started and wanting to start a LFL in their community
    • Develop this website to include details on all the LFL sites in Airdrie
    • Help fund-raise to register existing LFL’s in Airdrie with the
  • Ongoing collection and management of Community donation of books for the LFL

Take a Book, Return a Book